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2018 ETS Board Elections

Seven candidates have been nominated for the open European Thermoelectric Society (ETS) Board Director positions:

  • pdf icon Jan-Willem Bos / UK
  • pdf icon Yuri Grin / Germany
  • pdf icon Bo Brummerstedt Iversen / Denmark
  • pdf icon Valentyn Lysko / Ukraine
  • pdf icon Eckhard Müller / Germany
  • pdf icon Ngo Van Nong / Denmark
  • pdf icon Dario Narducci / Italy

They will run for three open positions this year.

Current board members are (leaving members are underlined):
Anke Weidenkaff / Germany (President), Franck Gascoin / France (Vice President / Chair ICT/ECT2018), Jan König / Germany (Secretary), Dario Narducci / Italy (Treasurer), Alexander Burkov / Russia, Monica Fabrizio / Italy (Chair ECT2017), António Gonçalves / Portugal (Chair ECT2016), Bertrand Lenoir / France, Antoine Maignan / France, Marisol Martín-González / Spain, Gao Min / UK, Peter Rogl / Austria.

Board directors are elected for a three year term and are expected to play an active part in the European Thermoelectric Society.

The election to the board will be organized during the 16th European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT2018) in Caen / France. Details will be announced at the beginning of the conference by the ETS President.

Invitation to the ETS Annual General Assembly

The ETS Annual General Assembly will be part of the Opening Ceremony of the ICT/ECT2018 at the Congress Center in Caen / France on July 2, 2018.

Preliminary agenda of the General Assembly:

  1. Announcement of the ETS Board Elections
  2. Vote on the new ETS Bylaws
  3. Miscellaneous

Any amendments to the agenda may be proposed to Jan König (Secretary) or Anke Weidenkaff (President) until June 1, 2018.

Program of the 16th European Conference on Thermoelectrics / 37th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT/ECT2018)

The program of the 16th European Conference on Thermoelectrics / 37th International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT/ECT2018) has been released and can be downloaded here:
pdf icon ICT/ECT2018 Program

The ICT/ECT2018 will be held July 1-5, 2017 in Caen / France. The international conferences on thermoelectrics provide a global forum for presentations and information exchange on the latest emerging thermoelectric technology. This conference series began in 1976 in Arlington, Texas, USA. Since 1988, the ICT has been held in various countries, since the international thermoelectric society typically holds a three-year rotation for conference sites between Europe, Asia and the Americas, where most of the activities in thermoelectrics research are located. In 2018, it will coincide with the European Conference on Thermoelectrics, the biggest event on this subject in Europe, a high quality scientific forum promoted by the European Thermoelctric Society. Both offer open and informal disscussions on thermoelectrics covering als aspects from materials design through synthesis and characterization to application, modules and simulations.

Further details on the ICT/ECT2018 webpage: ict2018.sciencesconf.org

Applications for ECT2020

The ETS Board is calling for candidates to organize the upcoming European Conference on Thermoelectrics in 2020 (ECT2020).

The ECT is considered the most important European platform for scientists, engineers, and industry in the field of thermoelectric research, materials development and applications (power generation, refrigeration, thermal management, and sensor technique). Over the years, the prestige of the conference has been steadily enhanced with the number of participants typically exceeding 300 at the last meetings.

Addressed are Europe-based organizations, especially universities and national laboratories. A good performance record and a high profile in thermoelectrics is a prerequisite.

Interested institutions should send a message to the Executive Board as soon as possible:

Anke Weidenkaff (weidenkaff(at)imw.uni-stuttgart.de)
Jan König (jan.koenig(at)ipm.fraunhofer.de)

Upon receipt, the candidates will be provided with responsibility details and information about the organizer contract to be signed. Corresponding documents are attached to this announcement.

Subsequent full proposals should include relevant information about host organization, location, conference facilities, accessibility, preliminary dates, conference chairperson, intended sponsors, and opportunities of financial support; briefly state the expected advantages to the ETS for awarding the conference organization to your institution; describe accommodation facilities and costs, travel information, plans for accompanying persons, the possibility of holding short courses, evening and satellite events; and last but not least, estimate the expected registration fees for regular participants, students and accompanying persons.

Presentations will have to be made to the Board at the board-meeting in Caen and the ECT2020 organizer will be appointed by the ETS Board during the ECT2018.

Full applications must be received by June 1, 2018.

On behalf of the ETS Executive Board
Jan König (Secretary)

pdf icon ETS Call ECT2020
pdf icon ETS Conference To-do-list
pdf icon ETS Memorandum of understanding


The 16th Interstate Conference “Thermoelectrics and their applications - 2018” (ISCTA 2018) will be held October 08 - 10, 2018 in St. Petersburg / Russia. This biannual event was first organized in former Leningrad (St. Petersburg) / Russia in 1985 as a forum of the thermoelectric community of the then Soviet Union. In the post-Soviet era the conference series evolved into a meeting place for scientists from the Independent States of the former Soviet Union. Today, the conference provides a forum on thermoelectric materials and technology for the whole international thermoelectric community.

The Conference will cover current aspects of thermoelectricity; oral presentations and poster sessions offer the opportunity for informal discussions:

  • Fundamentals of thermoelectric energy conversion and physics of thermoelectrics
  • New thermoelectric materials
  • Nanostructured and nanocomposite thermoelectrics
  • Thin film thermoelectrics
  • Thermoelectric material science
  • Measurements techniques
  • Thermoelectric energy converters
  • Market and industry related problems

Further details on the ISCTA 2018 webpage: thermoelectrics.ru/rct2018.


The Seventh International School for Materials for Energy and Sustainability (ISMES VII) will be held July 07 - 12, 2018 in Erice / Italy. The aim of the School is to present and review state-of-the-art and future materials for generation and storage of renewable and sustainable energy. Lectures on various issues will be given by some of the most renowned academic and industrial experts combining specialized knowledge from physics, chemistry and engineering. Topics include: global warming, conventional and sustainable technologies, solar energy conversion (PV and thermal), thermoelectric energy conversion, solar fuels, wind energy conversion, fuel cells, storage and vehicles. In addition, a general survey of the global energy landscape will also discuss conventional energy sources and next-generation nuclear technology.

The event is organized by the School director Antonio Terrasi (Università degli Studi di Catania / Italy) and the four Course directors David Cahen (Weizmann Institute of Science / Israel), David Ginley (Golden, CO Laboratories and Offices, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) / USA), Abdelilah Slaoui (ICube UMR 7357 - Laboratoire des sciences de l'ingénieur, de l'informatique et de l'imagerie / France), and Anke Weidenkaff (Universität Stuttgart / Germany). It will be hosted by the “Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (EMFCSC)” in Erice (Sicily). The School is a great opportunity for students and young scientists from around the world to meet with and learn from their peers as well as established experts. The unique and relaxed atmosphere will promote enthusiasm, knowledge and new ideas for the benefit of mankind. A maximum of 100 students will be admitted. The conference fee amounts to 800 € incl. lodging, meals, social events and airport transfer (Palermo or Trapani ↔ Erice).

Further details on the ISMES VII webpage: erice-energy-materials2018.ct.infn.it.

Materials Science and Engineering Congress 2018 (MSE)

The Materials Science and Engineering Congress 2018 (MSE) will be held September 26 - 28, 2018 in Darmstadt / Germany. Hosted by the German Materials Society (DGM – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.) since 2008, the MSE has become the central platform for materials scientist and engineers to present their research to a large international community and to build networks across borders. In addition to different side events, the DGM-Day with the DGM Forum for Young Talents is an integral part of the MSE.

The German Materials Society / Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e. V. (DGM), founded in 1919, is the largest scientific and technical society in the field of materials science and engineering in Germany and a member of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS). It represents the interests of its members and ensures a continuous development in terms of content, structure and personnel in the field of materials science and engineering.

With more than 1,500 participants, the MSE congress is one of the largest international congresses in the field of Materials Science and Engineering across Europe. Every two years, numerous scientific questions in the field of Materials Science and Engineering are discussed in a variety of symposia, plenary lectures and the side events. An accompanying exhibition enables companies to present themselves and their products as well as the participants of the MSE Congress to get to know the latest trends in measurement technology and career opportunities in the economy.

This years’ guest country will be Argentina. It will be represented by the Argentine Society of Materials (SAM Asociación Argentina de Materiales) and an ARG-GER committee organizing a special symposium to demonstrate the Argentinean-German collaborations in Materials Science and Engineering.

Further details on the MSE webpage: www.mse-congress.de